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3D Fuse - 3D Printed Part Glue - Solvent Adhesive for Thermoplastics
3D Fuse - 3D Printed Part Glue - Solvent Adhesive for Thermoplastics
3D Fuse - 3D Printed Part Glue - Solvent Adhesive for Thermoplastics
3D Fuse - 3D Printed Part Glue - Solvent Adhesive for Thermoplastics

3D Fuse - 3D Printed Part Glue - Solvent Adhesive for Thermoplastics

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3D Fuse™ is specially formulated to permanently bond your 3D printed parts. The syrup-like consistency fills gaps and is easy to use. Initial bond within 5 minutes, substantial hold within one hour, full cure in 24 hours. The glued joint will be the strongest part of your print.

  • Solvent adhesive for 3D printed parts
  • Syrupy consistency in an easy to control squeeze tube
  • Highly effective on on ABS, PLA, acrylic, styrene, polycarbonate, and others. (Not effective on nylon; servo arms, etc.)
  • Permanently bonds parts together
  • 2oz

Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Customer reviews:


Alex T.

"This stuff works great on PLA, which is mainly what I print. But I also use it on acrylic projects in my shop. Highly recommend."


Vic G.

"Didn't have an immediate use for this, but when I did WOW :-). Got clumsy and managed to break a swing arm lamp holder I had 3D printed in PLA, shattered it pretty well but not destroyed.This stuff works! I'd tried other glues to fix PLA stuff in the past and nothing worked. Good to have handy."


Marc B.

"I've been 3D printing for years and usually used super-glue, but found that can be kind of brittle and can cause discoloration. The 3Dfuse is stronger than anything I've ever used. Since it is a solvent adhesive the parts are literally melted together. It's all I use now. Sometimes the tip gets clogged but a pin or toothpick is all you need "


Peter M.

"Simply the best glue for PETG and PLA 3d prints. I have been printing complex models of vegetation in piece parts in PETG and PLA that must be glued together for assembly. I needed a fast holding, strong bond to get leaves, blooms, and fruits to adhere to branches that allowed me to assemble delicate parts at unsupported orientations.

I’ve tested many types of glue: Loktite Plastic 2-part, epoxy putty (instant and plastic) cyanoacrylate (super glue) liquid and gel by many brands including Gorilla and Loktite, and solvents such as Testers and Tamiya model cements, and even acrylic solvent. Cyanoacrylate gel is ok, but it dries brittle. Solvents if they work deform and have long hold times. However, I found 3D Fuse really is the best glue for 3d printed parts. It dries and holds like a super glue gel yet has a mild solvent that blends the cement into the print layers. It dries very much like clear urethane, but blends with the PLA/PETG/ABS. For instance, I can press and hold tree leaves printed in PETG horizontally on a branch part for 15-30 seconds and initial bind is achieved enough to continue to glue the next leaf and then glue the branch on the trunk in an uninterrupted process. So it really holds small surface bond parts in unsupported orientations. 2 months after at half used the tube is still fresh and easy to flow on parts. Damn good stuff and priced right."