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Corrections for ASIN B07CT6DYFG

Dear Amazon, this is Adam with Katamco. Inventor of the Toilet Timer, ASIN B07CT6DYFG.

The brand for ASIN B07CT6DYFG (and all of its child ASINs) should be changed to Katamco. (Currently the brand is incorrect and is listed as "Toilet Timer")

Here are three photos showing you this is a Katamco branded product:

In this first picture you can see the brand "Katamco" screen printed on the front of the product.

In this second picture you can see the brand "Katamco" injection molded into the plastic on the back of the product.

In this third picture you can see the brand "Katamco" screen printed on the front of the product.

Katamco is already enrolled in Amazon brand registry. However, Amazon associates have so fan been unwilling to help re-brand and re-categorize thus product correctly.

Here is a screenshot of the barcode registry for this product. You can see the brand name listed as Katamco.

This is of utmost importance because there are COUNTERFEIT toilet timers being produced by an un-authorized company. 

Seller support gave me this suggestion:  "We noticed that the information which you wish you update is being controlled by your selling account. In order to update this information, please update the attribute information from your inventory." However, I can't. I get an error message when trying to correct the brand. There seems to be a cyclical error:

Please do the right thing and make the necessary changes. Change the brand to " Katamco " for ASIN B07CT6DYFG, and all of the child ASINs:










Thank you.