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Updating category (browse node) for ASIN B07CT6DYFG

Proposed browse path for ASIN B07CT6DYFG:
Toys & Games/Novelty & Gag Toys/Gag Toys & Practical Jokes

You can see from the customer reviews that this is a gag gift:

This is not the right category:

The related items are showing electrical supplies. This is not related to the Toilet Timer. Even though the word "timer" is in the product title, this is not an electrical device. 


This variation (ASIN B07RPP25PV) is in the correct category, and all of them should follow this example:


Please make the necessary changes.


Update the browse node to Toys & Games/Novelty & Gag Toys/Gag Toys & Practical Jokes for  ASIN B07CT6DYFG, and all of the related ASINs: