Toilet Timer President Trump

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The Toilet Timer is for poo-crastinators. This is a unique sand timer that runs for about five minutes. Help your loved one get back to the people they are trying to avoid. Born on Kickstarter!

UPC: 856651008120

Toilet Timer Presidential: Donald Trump & Golden Dump

The Presidential Toilet Timer comes complete with the golden throne. Where else do you think he sends his tweets? Also includes his wind-swept honey bun hairstyle to match.


⏳ Runs for about five minutes


Toilet timer time lapse 5 minutes sand fallingHow long does your loved one spend in the bathroom actually doing their business? Help them keep things moving with our nifty device.


💫 Just spin to set


Toilet Timer spin to setWe've concocted a special new blend of unicorn magic and gravity that makes the Toilet Timer easy to set. Want to sit for 10 minutes? Just flip it again!


🕰️ The gift of timeliness


Toilet timer poop or get off the pot animationThey'll get the hint. And quickly get back to the people they love and are trying to avoid.