Toilet Timer as seen on "Shark Tank"!

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The official airing of the show is over, but this is just the starting line for Katamco! Check out the following photos documenting the Toilet Timer segment on "Shark Tank". We have also included our segments on our local ABC network out of Peoria, IL.

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Toilet Timer Pitch on Shark Tank (video):

Photos From the Toilet Timer Pitch on Shark Tank:

Toilet Timer on Shark Tank

We stood amongst the Sharks with nothing but the Toilet Timer and toilet paper stuck to Adam's shoe!

toilet timer reveal on shark tank

Katie performs spirit fingers for the big reveal of the Toilet Timer to the Sharks.

Katie side-eyes Adam

Adam gets the side-eye from Katie for arriving late to the pitch due to lingering in the loo.

demonstrating toilet timer on shark tank

Adam summarizes the Toilet Timer's features and benefits to the Sharks. He answered rapid fire questions like a champ!

toilet timer handoff shark tank

Katie hands the Toilet Timer to Adam implying - "This is a gift for you, please use it during your next bathroom trip!" 😏

Damond John holding Toilet Timer

Damond John asks questions about the Toilet Timer.

Kevin O'Leary holding Toilet Timer

We made a custom faceplate featuring Kevin O'Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful to show that the Toilet Timer can be licensed to partner up with other brands.

Mark Cuban thumbs-up Toilet Timer

Despite his initial "HELL NO!" reaction, Mark Cuban makes a deal with Katamco's Toilet Timer! 🥳 We couldn't hug or shake hands - thanks a lot COVID! - but a thumbs up from THE Mark Cuban is still a pretty big deal. We can't wait to see where this partnership takes us!

Local ABC Network Story

Our local ABC station Heart of Illinois covered our Shark Tank story before and after the airing on December 4th. You can watch the segments at the links below.

Pre-airing HOI ABC Story Post-airing HOI ABC Story
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