About Katamco, LLC

About the Inventor

Adam Stephey is an innovator who began his entrepreneurial journey with an idea and $300. His ability to draft and 3D print has been integral in designing and launching 3 different product lines along with many other creative works in between. Adam's most notable product, the Toilet Timer, was fully funded on Kickstarter and featured on Shark Tank in 2020. 

Adam is married and has four children. He enjoys tinkering with his 3D printers, gaming with his kids, watching documentaries and traveling to Munich, Germany.

Katamco Brands

Toilet Timer™

Toilet Timer is Katamco's most notable brand. Available in several different designs, the Toilet Timer is the perfect gift for the poo-crastinator in your life. Originally born on Kickstarter, the Toilet Timer is a cleverly designed sand timer that gives your favorite stinker 5 minutes to “poop or get off the pot!” It's popularity caught the attention of ABC's Shark Tank and was featured in Season 12, episode 7. Watch Toilet Timer on ABC's Shark Tank Now!

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In 2016, the 1UPcard brand was developed to make cleaning your retro games and consoles as easy as possible. Less time dipping cotton swabs into bottles of rubbing alcohol, more time re-living nostalgia or creating new memories.

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Sauce Caddy Daddy

Built around a love for hot sauce, Adam designed and took to market products to store and display bottles of hot sauce. Have you seen Hot Ones on YouTube? Hot sauce is a whole thing now!

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Other Endeavors

Adam Stephey has always enjoyed the arts and cultural events. Just as the products Adam has invented are an extension of his hobbies, in 2023, he decided to use his warehouse space as an event venue for local art. Follow the Slug Factory event venue on Instagram for upcoming events. 

Our local NPR station WGLT wrote an article about the latest event at the Slug event venue where Katamco partners with Nomad Theatre for the Warehouse Plays.




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