Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be notified when an out of stock product becomes available?

Navigate to the product page and enter your email or phone number in the "Notify me when available" box. We'll take care of the rest! We are receiving inventory at regular intervals and will update customers in the order that they submit their information using that button.


How do I make a change to my order?

If you need assistance with an order you’ve already placed, fill out our contact form here and include your order number, the email address you used when placing the order, and your first and last name, along with any changes needed to be made with your order. 


What is your response to COVID-19?

Our priority during these challenging times is the health and safety of our co-workers, customers, and communities. Our team is taking precautionary measures such as social distancing, wearing masks, and daily sanitization. 


How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout. To get a shipping quote, put an order together and the checkout process will give you the amount. 


When will my item ship?

Most items ship out the next business day, at which time you will receive a tracking number. Tracking info may not be available until the next business day and is dependent on the carrier. Most orders shipping to a continental US address arrive in 3 to 5 business days, but due to a massive shift in online shopping this holiday season there is a possibility for unexpected delays. You can track your order through the shipping confirmation email.


Will I receive my order by Christmas?

Orders with a continental US shipping address placed before December 12 should arrive before Christmas. This is not a guarantee. 


Do you ship overseas? (Outside the contiguous U.S.)

Yes, we do. Shipping options and costs are presented at checkout. The buyer is responsible for any applicable VAT, duties, import fees, etc.


What are my shipping options?

Shipping options to your location will be presented during checkout. 


I didn't receive an order confirmation. What can I do?

Check your spam folder or trash folder and add us to your address book. 


What's my order status?

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking once your order is shipped. Check your inbox, spam, and trash folders for this email. Tracking info may not be available until the next business day and is dependent on the carrier.


I received a notification that my order was delivered but I don't have it. What do I do?

  1. Start by verifying your shipping address. (It can be found in your original order confirmation.)
  2. The delivery confirmation originates from the parcel carrier and is automated. Unfortunately, it's not always 100% accurate. In most cases, we see that the package arrives in the next few days. 
  3. Please check with neighbors or any household members to see if it ended up with somebody else by mistake.


I am a media outlet. How can I schedule an interview with Adam and/or Katie?

Information about that can be found here


I can help you with your SEO/ manufacturing/ marketing/ haircuts, etc. Can I contact you?



Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Some of our products are available for wholesale. Please contact us for additional information. Please provide information about where you intend to sell our product. Note: We are not interested in third party offers to sell on Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay or the like. 


Can I get a Toilet Timer that is calibrated for about 15 minutes? Five minutes just seems way too quick. 

Sure thing! Since it runs for five minutes, just flip it over three times and there you have a 15-minute timer... 


Why there is no "Mom" version?

We’ve tried selling the mom version before. It turns out that the number of women who suffer from poo-crastination is statistically insignificant in relation to their male counterparts.... Go figure! 


Will the Toilet Timer make my bathroom smell better?

Unlikely, but The Toilet Timer pairs nicely with Poopourri!


Does the Toilet Timer encourage bad defecation posture?

No, but The Toilet Timer pairs nicely with a Squatty Potty!


Can you hang the Toilet Timer on the door?

It needs to sit on a flat surface. It does not attach to a door or have a way to hang.


Does the Toilet Timer have to sit on a flat surface?

Yes, or you can cradle it in your hands. 


I mean, can't you just set an alarm on your phone?

Of course! However, we've noticed how easy it is to ignore notifications on phones, push snooze on alarms, or forget to set an alarm entirely. Our timer has a clear indication if you have time left or if it's run out, leaving no chance of ambiguity. Plus, our product sends a funny message and makes a great gift, unlike the alarm on your phone.


How do you restart it? Do you have to hold it upside down for 5 minutes to reset it?

“Load” it by rotating it 360 degrees. It reloads instantly. You do not have to hold it upside down to reload it thanks to our unique design. Just spin it clockwise and it starts to run again immediately.


Are there other versions of the Toilet Timer?

We have sold limited runs of other variations, but we can't say for sure if they will be released again. We also plan on releasing new editions, so please join our newsletter for updates.


Where is the Toilet Timer made?

This product is made in China, invented in central Illinois by an American man whose wife thought he spent too much time on the toilet. Originally funded on Kickstarter.

We hope the Toilet Timer brings a smile to your face and the feeling back to your legs. 


I found an error on your website.

Please let us know with the contact form and submit the URL.



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