When Dad Goes Poo: Bathroom Book by Adam Stephey

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Potty poems to provoke poo-crastinators. A bathroom book.


noun, poo·cras·ti·na·tor


  • A person who sits on the toilet scrolling on their phone long after they have done their business. 
  • One who lingers long in the loo, often until their legs fall asleep.
  • Someone who does not know the meaning of "Poop or get off the pot."

Go check your bathroom. There may be a poo-crastinator in there right now. (There's also a good chance you are reading this while on the pot.)

Is there a dad in your life who is guilty of lingering long in the loo? This book is for him. Short, whimsical poems will motivate that man to do his "duty" and move on. Each page has a different euphemism to describe his favorite activity.

"When he's on the can he's in a time trap. Mom could use help but he's taking a _____!"

"Could he take out the trash? Or feed our poor dog? Or is he too busy to pinch off that ____?"

"The kids scream and shout. The kids run and jump. But how would he know? He's still taking a ____!"

Beautifully illustrated yet not overly graphic, poo-crastinators are now without excuse when it comes to their extensive toilet times.



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