7 Reasons That the Toilet Timer is the Best Father’s Day Present

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Father’s Day is coming up. Do you have something picked out for your dad yet? Dads can be hard to shop for. They’re such a blessing. They teach you how to ride your bike, how to balance your checkbook, how to fart with your armpit. All the essentials. So, you need to get him something that really reflects how important he is to you!

You need to find him something useful, something funny, something that he would never buy for himself.

Something… like the Toilet Timer!

Here are 7 reasons that the Toilet Timer is the Father’s Day gift to end all Father’s Day gifts:

1. It’s Funny

The Toilet Timer is a great gag gift. And no one loves a corny joke like a dad.

You can stick with the classic design, surprise him with the topical presidential design, or lean into the holiday and buy him the Toilet Timer designed specifically for dads!

It’ll be something totally different and it’ll be great for a laugh. He’ll never see it coming. 

2. It’s Memorable

You could get him a tie, or a nice pair of socks. Maybe you could pick up a gift card to his favorite restaurant or store. But, it won’t be memorable or have that personal touch. In a couple of months, he’ll be thinking, “What did my kid get me for Father’s Day??”

Choose to be unforgettable this year. Your dad is going to remember that you got him a Toilet Timer. 

3. It won't break the bank

This makes it a great option for gifts from younger children or people who have multiple father figures in their life to buy for. 

Get one for your dad, your grandpa, your other grandpa, your spouse's dad, the father of your children, your friend who just became a father, or whoever. You can go full-on Oprah.

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4. It’ll Make Mom Happy Too

Your mom will be grateful that she’s not the only one trying to get your dad out of the bathroom. With the Toilet Timer, he can start keeping himself accountable for how long he’s in there staring at his phone.

The less time your dad spends hogging the bathroom, the more time he can be spending with the family or helping out mom. It’s almost a gift for them both!

5. He Needs It (Let’s Be Honest)

He may be in denial about how much time he’s spending in the bathroom. But, let’s be honest, he needs the reality check! This is especially true if you’re in a one-bathroom household. Frankly, I don’t know how you’ve survived this long without it.

If he’s using a Toilet Timer, seeing the timer run out will make him realize that his bathroom breaks are just too dang long. The Toilet Timer will tell him when he’s run out the clock and it’s time to get up!

6. It’s Actually Very Practical

The Toilet Timer is not all fun and games. Spending too much time on the toilet can cause a few different negative effects. Not only is he hogging the bathroom and poo-crastinating, but he’s posing a health risk to himself.

Sitting on the toilet too long can cause hemorrhoids, anal fissures, even anal prolapse. The Toilet Timer is designed to give you just enough time to do the deed while protecting you from those health risks. If you can’t finish your business before time runs out, you’re pushing your body too much.

While this may not be the thing to bring up when he opens the gift, it’s a good reason to pick up a Toilet Timer for your dad.

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7. You Get to Use it Too

While it is a gift for dad, the whole family can use it. Once it’s put in the bathroom, it’s fair game. While this seems like a selfish reason to buy your dad a gift, it still benefits him. Think about it! Now everyone in the house is spending less time in the bathroom.

Who doesn’t want that?!

Buying the Toilet Timer for your dad for Father’s Day is an easy decision. It checks off all of the necessary attributes of a Father’s Day gift. So quit poo-crastinating. Order your Toilet Timer soon so that you can get it in time for Father’s Day!


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