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It’s February. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Love is in the air. Couples are making big and small plans to celebrate. Maybe you decided to finally ask out that cute coworker. Maybe you’re taking your relationship to the next level and proposing. Or maybe you completely forgot about V-Day and now you’re scrambling to make plans. Time is running out. You have to poop or get off the pot. Stop procrastinating and let Toilet Timer help you move forward with your Valentine’s plans.


Maybe you’ve been interested in someone for a while, but you’re not sure if they feel the same way. Do you take the chance and ask them out, or do you play it safe and wait for them to make the first move?

Let’s start off with this general statement: If you can be respectful and take rejection with grace, there’s no harm in asking someone out. If they aren’t interested, they’ll say no, and you know that it’s time to “get off the pot.” But, if they are interested, you’ve saved all that time that you would have spent waffling and you can use it get dinner with them instead! (This is the “poop” option of poop or get off the pot.)

If you’re hesitating in the moments before asking them out, set your Toilet Timer and give yourself the five minutes to get amped up and plan the execution. When the timer runs out, it’s time to ACT.

If you’re not feeling confident, here are some clues that your crush may want to be more than friends:

  • They try to engage with your interests (Ladies, he probably doesn’t watch The Bachelorette without you)
  • They want you to meet their friends
  • They share good news with you first
  • They answer texts in .04 seconds
  • They talk about their relationship past with you

And here are some clues that they may not be so interested:

  • They don’t laugh at your corny jokes
  • They talk about loving "the single life"
  • They only invite you out with a group of people
  • They keep canceling one-on-one plans at the last minute

Set your Toilet Timer and think about your relationship with your crush. Do they sound like the person in the first list or the person in the second list? Hopefully, at the end of your five minutes, you’ll have some clarity about whether you need to poop or get off the pot.


Maybe you’ve been with the same woman for years and haven’t tied the knot. Has she been leaving jewelry magazines out for you? Is she “casually” pointing out rings that she likes in display counters at the mall? Maybe she’s sending you some subtle messages:

If she’s sending you these signals, it’s time to make some decisions. Set your Toilet Timer and take those five minutes to reflect on your relationship. What’s stopping you from proposing? Is there a conversation you need to have with your girlfriend before you feel comfortable asking her to marry you?

Use the five minutes to think about how you can move forward. Keep the Toilet Timer in a visible place as a reminder of the changes you want to make. Repeat this process until you have made a decision and put it into action (hopefully in time to make your romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day).


Ladies, if you feel like you’re on the receiving end of any of these situations, buy your guy a Toilet Timer for Valentine’s Day to give him a not-so-subtle hint that he needs to make a decision. Use it to start a conversation about what you want from your relationship. Sometimes your partner just needs nudge in the right direction. You never know what it might lead to.

Whether you’re an indecisive person or in a relationship with an indecisive person, the Toilet Timer is a funny and light-hearted reminder to not put off big decisions. Do yourself (and your significant other) a favor and spend some time reflecting on these decisions that you put on the backburner so that you know when to poop or get off the pot.

Toilet_Timer_by_Katamco poop or get off the pot


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