Mini Stadium (2 Styles)

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For your favorite hot sauce group of three, use the Sauce Caddy Daddy™ Mini Stadium stand. A powerful trifecta of hot sauce might be all you really need... but we'd like to see you stop there! For more than three, seamlessly nest these bad boys together to create the stadium effect. Your hot sauce collection will be lined up in the stands heckling you to dab some more heat onto those wings!

The coordinating Sauce Caddy Daddy™ Stadium Series nest together seamlessly for a dramatic display of your hot sauce assortment. 

  • Stadium A has a single cup at the top and tiers down to two cups.
  • Stadium V has two cups at the top and tiers down to a single cup.


  • Holds 3 bottles
  • Each cup has a diameter is 1.95" and holds a standard 5 oz bottle.
  • Dimensions : 
  • Color: black 
  • Material: plastic

Note - the images shown are 3D printed prototypes of the Sauce Caddy Daddy™ Sauce Wedge, Please sign up for our email newsletter for more information about future availability.



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